sleet covering snow
is a serious situation,
plus tonight’s astronomical rarity:
the moon at its closest approach to Earth
at the same time the moon & the Sun
are aligned so that gravitational forces
are magnified.  Evacuate Atlantic City,
that hoax is only a sand bar.

Nothing escapes, not the broken bulb
on a string of blinking Christmas lights,
or even Venus as I have known her,
naked with a rash on her thigh,
bending to test the bath water.

Not B.B. King & his guitar, Lucille,
although their love wins eternity,

or Rocketship X-M with Lloyd Bridges aboard,
landing by some freak miscalculation
on Mars instead of on the moon,
a tough break when you forget to set the alarm,
it’s hard to wake up when gravity works. 

© Bob Rixon
Stuttering 9-1-1